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Single “replace Me”


debut album “pecker”


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Upcoming Shows

Tuesday October 23rd - Blue lamp, sacramento ca


Guitar / Alex Bult
Vocals / Steven Butler
Bass / Sage Cummins
Drums / Nick Bult

pecker is a hard rock band from Sacramento, California. While they draw influence from sac rockers - such as deftones, far, and the rhythm-laced sounds of early nu-metal/heavy metal - these boys are on the fast track to carving out a sound that is unmistakably "Pecker." this is acutely showcased on their debut, eponymous album released on valentine's day of 2018. with one solid record under their belt, the boys are hard at work garnering attention from local show-goers and musicians alike. they are currently in the studio and already looking to release a new project at the start of 2019.